Tingles ASMR

ASMR sounds crafted for sleep, focus, and relaxation. Ultimate ASMR experience.

Tingles ASMR

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Tingles ASMR
Tingles ASMR

Experience a unique form of relaxation through sound triggers designed to calm your mind.

White Noise
White Noise

Improve your sleep and focus by surrounding yourself with carefully curated white noise sounds.

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InitiateHub is a digital innovator specializing in sound-focused apps designed to enhance your daily life. With a portfolio that includes fan-favorites like "Tingles ASMR" and "White Noise," we're committed to delivering solutions backed by science and user-centric design.

Backed by Science



Clinical studies suggest that specific sound patterns can improve sleep by regulating circadian rhythms.
brain cell


Sound effects activate neural pathways linked to relaxation, as shown in EEG studies.


Research indicates that certain soundscapes can improve focus by modulating brainwave activity.

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